The Clare Area Chamber of Commerce is offering assistance to relieve the owner or office manager of the daily tasks surrounding employee talent acquisition, employee retainment and building your business capacity. Our focus is offering these services to small to mid-size businesses in Clare County. Businesses can pick from a menu of available services to best meet their needs.

Business Growth Planning

Address employee performance concerns that impact other employees and your business productivity through Success Coaching. Many employees fail because they do not have the right set of coping mechanisms or skills to be successful and productive. We will work one-on-one with employees to remove barriers to retain employment and provide mentoring to improve communications, conflict management and team building in a confidential setting. We will serve as the bridge to link these employees with the community resources which can provide direct assistance. We follow up with the employee to inquire if the problem is solved or provide additional resources/assistance.


  • Identification of position needs and conducting a job analysis to determine key  qualifications and skill sets required for the opening.
  • Develop job descriptions which are ADA compliant.
  • Draft an ad that markets your company and WHY applicants you should work for you.
  • Posting advertising can be confidential or can name the company on the Chamber web site and/or Facebook if requested. Will assist employers posting on job boards and downloading resumes which fit your requirements.
  • Review resumes/applications according to pre-determined criteria established by you.
  • Phone screen according to the requested criteria.
  • Schedule face-to-face interviews on behalf of the employer to take place at a location and time of your choosing
  • Check references.
  • Contact candidates not selected.

Building Business Capacity 

We offer seminars designed to assist organizations with a variety of business matters including cultivating sales, using social media effectively and issues that affect the workplace including wages, taxes, healthcare, and general HR topics. We will take a comprehensive look into the issues offering detailed useful information.

The Chamber offers newsletters with interesting content that could be used and customized into your own employee or customer newsletters.


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