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  • Elevator staff to the rescue
    On Saturday, May 21, we were involved in a ve- hicular accident in Clare on McEwan Street by Johnston Elevator. At that point in the roadway, two lanes merge. We were sandwiched be- tween two trucks, and as one driver merged into us, we had nowhere to go and our SUV was struck. Thankful- ly, no one was injured in the collision, but our Trailblazer was not driveable and we were understandably shaken.
    What happened next is the real reason for this letter. One by one, four workers came from Johnston Elevator to ask if we were all right and offer assistance. We were introduced to each one. Chris helped to get the spare tire lowered and put on. His son Ethan also came to our aid, along with Mort and Gabe. We do not know these gentlemen and they don’t know us, yet they took it upon themselves to offer aid and show concern for our safety. It is heartwarming to know that others care. If this is any representation of Johnston Elevator, it must be a great place to do business.

    Many thanks, The Repperts


At this Michigan doughnut shop, cops are the owners, not the customers
By Rebecca Powers  (The Washington Post)



Clare truly is the "Gateway to the North" with the link below.


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